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Elizabeth Eaton, Director -
Stress Management and Wellness

Elizabeth EatonIn her role as Director of Stress Management and Wellness programing at ExCo², Elizabeth leads the team in developing and delivering leadership and stress management workshops. She manages the delivery of individual sessions for wellness and coaching and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. She brings a keen appreciation of the complexity of human development and health/well-being, alongside her motivation to enable others to reach their full potential in their careers and as human beings.

She has had a lifelong affiliation with yoga, practicing both yoga and meditation since her childhood. Since joining the ExCo² team in 2011, she has supported individuals with her knowledge and practical tools that contribute to stress reduction and enhanced well-being. She very much enjoys sharing her love of yoga and her expertise with people in workplace settings who can benefit from practical applications of this body of knowledge. She is also active in the North American yoga community and regularly provides public Yin Yoga and Phoenix Rising Yoga classes.

She is a graduate of McGill University with a B.A. in Psychology, a Kripalu Yoga teacher, with over 500 hours of teaching experience since certification in 2010, and a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.

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