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ExCo² - Executive Coaching: The Power of Two provides coaching and leadership development services to enable individuals and teams to achieve goals that matter. We work with your heart, mind, body, and spirit to develop clarity in your purpose, to experience shifts in your way of seeing the world and to develop new ways of doing things that will enable your success.

Our team comes with in-depth experience that enables us to create dynamic learning experiences for you, in the form of one-on-one coaching, 360 reviews, team coaching, leadership development workshops, action learning, and wellness and stress management services.

We are excited to offer you these services because of our belief that people who are aspiring to reach their potential are engaged in the most worthy of endeavours. Every person we work with comprises a unique assortment of values, commitments, personal goals, competencies, and potentials. We know that change is often challenging, and more easily accomplished with dedicated support. A coaching relationship based on mutual commitment, trust, respect, and freedom of expression can be a powerful catalyst for new competencies and possibilities, and a renewed experience of life.

Organizations need individuals who are vibrant, committed, and competent expressions of their best selves. And individuals long for work experiences that provide high levels of contribution and fulfillment. We offer powerful learning experiences to bring forth these results. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you to explore how we could support you.

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