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Ian Matheson, President

Brigid BradyIan Matheson is an Executive Coach, trainer and facilitator specializing in leadership development.  In each of these roles, Ian draws on both extensive training and over 36 years of experience in the Government of Canada, leading organizations in highly diverse fields.  Prior to leaving the Public Service as a senior executive, Ian spent three years as a Senior Faculty Member at the Canada School of Public Service providing leadership and management training and coaching to both individuals and organizations. 

Before becoming an executive in the Public Service, Ian served as a pilot in the Air Force.  Over the years, Ian has led organizations of up to 400 people in policy development, operations/program delivery and corporate services, in fields touching social, economic, security and defence policy.  He has worked in federal-provincial-territorial settings and has led Canadian delegations in various international fora, negotiating treaty agreements and international memoranda of understanding.

In addition to his training as a coach, Ian has taken an extensive range of programs in personality development and assessment, emotional intelligence, and 360 feedback methodology.  It is this diversity of experience and training that enables both Ian’s understanding of a client’s context, and his ability to bridge theory and practice.

His approach to coaching teams and individuals is based on deep listening, empathy and skill in communicating — all to support others in finding clarity, expanded self-awareness and emerging possibilities.  He believes that the objective of any coaching relationship is for people to increase their capacity to approach situations with a broader range of options, doing so with confidence, skill and authenticity.

Ian is a certified Master Integral Coach through Integral Coaching Canada and through the International Coach Federation (ACC).  He holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa and a B.A. (Honours English) from the Royal Military College of Canada.  He is an active meditator, yoga practitioner and triathlete.

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