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Joni Baran

Joni BaranThe pursuit of health and wellness has long been a passion deeply held by Joni.  Over the years, she has personally practiced and pursued a number of certifications related to movement, nutrition and stress reduction.  Through Wellness and Stress Management Coaching, Joni's goal is to support her clients in attaining a level of vitality that allows them to live to their fullest and richest potential in the physical, mental, emotional and interpersonal realms of their lives.  Joni empowers individuals to fulfill their life’s dreams through a holistic approach that can include individualized movement training, tools for making healthy lifestyle choices and stress reduction techniques.  She also supports individuals through the skillful navigation of life transitions, such as school-to-work, job and career changes, retirement, family changes, geographical moves and other personal transformations.

Joni brings wellness to the corporate environment through the design and delivery of customized workshops and retreats that enhance individual and team engagement, creativity and productivity and contribute to overall corporate wellness.

Joni is an Integral Coach certified by New Ventures West (San Francisco, CA) and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and an Exercise Coach certified by the CHEK Institute (San Diego, CA).  She is a certified Pilates instructor (Body Harmonics, Toronto, ON) and holds specialty certifications through Body Harmonics in Applied Functional and Biomechanical Movement and in Post-Rehabilitation.  She has also completed the 2-year Fitness and Lifestyle Management program at Algonquin College.  In addition, Joni holds numerous yoga teaching certifications:  Hatha (200 hours), Therapeutic (500 hours) and Kundalini (200+ hours); and has completed specialty teacher training in Yin and Restorative yoga and on the Yoga Wall.  She has also completed experiential certifications in Conscious Communication and Vitality and Stress through the Kundalini Research Institute.

Joni is passionate about spending time in nature and pursuing outdoor adventures that include camping, hiking, cycling and water activities.  She holds a Master of Arts (Economics) from McMaster University, an Honours Bachelor of Arts (Economics major, Political Science minor) from the University of Waterloo and a 3-year Business Administration Diploma from Niagara College.  Prior to obtaining her Professional Coaching Certification, Joni spent nearly 25 years working in various policy and research branches in the federal government.

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