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Stéphane Ippersiel, Associate -
Stress Management and Wellness

Stéphane IppersielA career spent in government communications has taught Stéphane to welcome the unexpected and to deal with eleventh-hour changes in a professional manner. As an army reserve sergeant, he had to lead soldiers in situations where all were exposed to long periods of sustained pressures that challenged them physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a parent, he’s faced a different set of internal conflicts and pressures that require that a fine balance be struck to satisfy all of the parties involved – oftentimes under the duress of emotional manipulation that only teenagers can inflict! His positive attitude, sense of humour, and the ability to see the core of the issue through the clutter have been key to facing the struggles that have come along his life path.

Stéphane stumbled into yoga in his early forties, following a major life event. What started off as a social activity with friends has become a life mission: to get people to move, to understand their bodies a bit more, and maybe help them to connect to something deeper within themselves. The physical practice of yoga gave him a key to discover mindful meditation.

Stéphane studied Communications at l’Université due Québec à Hull. He is a Yoga Alliance-registered power yoga teacher with over 500 hours of teaching experience, and continually seeks out opportunities to deepen his knowledge of the science of yoga.

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