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Valerie Clements

Valerie Clements, PresidentValerie is an executive coach with an impressive track-record. She has provided coaching and leadership development services for hundreds of individuals and teams on a wide variety of management and leadership topics. The positions of these individuals has ranged from senior manager to Deputy Minister. In addition to her experience in this area since 2002, she has over 30 years of practical experience in senior management, policy and economics, strategic planning and teaching. She has worked at senior levels in Finance Canada, Industry Canada, on Parliament Hill, and at Human Resources Development Canada where she ended her Public Service of Canada career as Director General of Strategy. Her commitment to fostering the goal achievement and competency development of others is enriched by this varied experience.

In addition to developing ExCo² Inc since 2001, Valerie has also contributed to the training of coaches enrolled in professional coaching programs in Integral Coaching Canada (ICC) courses during 2003-06. From 2008 through 2011 she was one of a small number of coaches providing coaching services for Government of Canada senior executives in accelerated programs. The power of Valerie’s coaching stems from the way she combines exceptional emotional intelligence with strategic and business acumen. She has a special interest in coaching individuals and teams working to increase levels of workplace wellness through stress management approaches.

Valerie is certified as a professional coach by New Ventures West, California (2003), Integral Coaching Canada (2005), and the International Coach Federation (PCC). Her educational background includes an M.A. (Economics, Queens University); a B.Sc. (Psychology and Economics, Trent University); and a teaching certificate (Province of Ontario). She is a long-time meditation and yoga practitioner, a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and an outdoor enthusiast. She is enrolled in the Diamond Approach School as an ongoing support to her personal and professional development.

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