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Valerie Clements

Valerie Clements, PresidentValerie’s interest and endeavours in supporting people with stress management stem from her early experiences with stress as a teenager, and began when she organized meditation training for her friends and colleagues as an undergraduate student in the early 70s. She is a lifelong student and practitioner of the art and science of stress management and wellness. Her knowledge includes Western approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and other psychological tools, and Eastern approaches such as different forms of meditation, yoga, and self-awareness. She blends these skilfully to offer practical support that can be integrated in real life. As an economist and then executive in the Government of Canada, she was known for her ability to manage high levels of personal stress and to create team environments in which wellness and excellence are both important goals.

Valerie has witnessed the ability of the executives she has worked with in her coaching practice to develop personal stress management practices that have contributed significantly to their own wellness and fulfillment, alongside their effectiveness. She brings over a decade of coaching and leadership workshop experience to her clients on behalf of the possibility that they will manage the inevitable stressors in their life in a way that will be healthier for them and for others.

Valerie is certified as a professional coach by New Ventures West, California (2003), Integral Coaching Canada (2005), and the International Coach Federation (PCC). Her educational background includes an M.A. (Economics, Queens University); a B. Sc. (Psychology and Economics, Trent University); and a teaching certificate (Province of Ontario). She is a long-time meditation and yoga practitioner, a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher with training in Yin Yoga, and an outdoor enthusiast. She is enrolled in the Diamond Approach School as an ongoing support to her personal and professional development.

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