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"After the leadership workshop, my executive team gelled to a new level of effectiveness. We brought our overall performance up a level."

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Workshop Topics

We tailor workshops to create one-half day, 1 day, and 2 day events.

Some examples of Team and Leadership Development Workshops we love to bring to workplaces:

Creating a healthier relationship with stress

While we often view stress as a “problem”, it is an inevitable and natural part of our lives as humans. However, our relationship to stress may be a problem. This workshop will support you in better understanding your individual stress responses and in shifting your relationship with stress in healthy directions.

Working with Personality Types to Increase Team and Leadership Effectiveness

We think we see things the way they are. But often we don’t. We see them the way we are. Better understanding our own way of seeing the world, and appreciating the way others see it, can induce a powerful shift in our relationships with others. We bring a series of workshops that introduce you to the Enneagram personality system, a powerful tool for creating increased awareness in interactions.

Performing at your best in interviews

Make the most of your interview experience. Learn how to implement an in-depth ExCo² process to ensure you show up at your interview polished, persuasive, and more able to enjoy and learn from the experience.

Building and sustaining high performance teams We support you in understanding why teams fail, and in ensuring that your team has the necessary ingredients to succeed.

Maintaining resiliency in challenging environments

For many of us, managing to sustain our energy and enthusiasm for work when the demands seem overwhelming is the biggest challenge to our success. We help you explore how to work with your mind, heart and body to develop ways of being that enable you to thrive rather than simply survive.

Elements of effective communication

We create our worlds through language. The way we communicate with one another can make or break our success. And yet, we often take our ability to communicate for granted. Together, we explore what gets in the way of successful communication and practice models that make a difference.

Providing difficult feedback

A challenging communication experience for most people is providing feedback to colleagues when the messages are negative. What would life be like if you could enter these discussions feeling more skilful, and with higher prospects for positive outcomes?