Brigid Brady


Brigid has decades of experience as an economist and leader at the Bank of Canada in the financial markets and economic research areas. At the Bank’s regional offices and money market trading desk, she led teams through change and developed the competencies of others. She engaged with stakeholders and represented the Bank to bankers, investors, business leaders, the Bank’s Board of Directors and central bankers in Australia, England, Switzerland and the USA.

Brigid is also a singer with extensive training and performance experience.


Brigid has worked with executives and managers at all levels since she began her practice in 2005.

Her effectiveness as a coach stems from her allowing presence and compassionate insights combined with her practical business and leadership knowledge. Her methodology as a coach is enriched by experience with vocal production techniques and mindfulness meditation.

Brigid has an impressive record with executive job interview preparation. She supports executives enrolled in the University of Ottawa’s Graduate Certificate Program in Public Management and Governance where she has provided individual and group coaching (action learning). She contributed to the training and evaluation of coaches in courses taught by Integral Coaching Canada Inc.


Brigid is a certified professional coach through Integral Coaching Canada (2005), where she graduated at the Mastery Level. She holds an MA in Economics from Queen’s University in Kingston and a B.A. (Honours Economics and English) from the University of Guelph.

Brigid has been a practitioner of mindfulness meditation and yoga for decades, and has attended numerous courses and retreats in these areas.

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