ExCo2: Enlightened leadership for an evolving world

We know that leaders work in an ever changing context and that good leadership is a force for good.

We approach leadership development as an ongoing practice for positively shaping your evolving world.

We offer our experience as executives who have trained to become executive coaches to support you in defining and accelerating how you practice your leadership, in your context, as a positive force in an evolving world.

Executive Coaching by executives who are coaches

ExCo2 was founded in 2002 by Valerie Clements, who served as President until 2018.  From the outset, Valerie’s exceptional vision was to bring together coaches who could serve clients from a solid foundation in Integral coaching, a focus on personal wellness, and with experience as executive leaders.  It is this mix of experience and training that has set ExCo2’s coaches apart from others, combining an awareness of the context in which our clients work with the completeness of Integral methodology.  That tradition continues as we serve an ever-expanding number of ExCo2 public, private and non-profit sector clients in Canada and abroad.

The focus on leadership development for individuals and teams has become the way we fulfill our vision of enlightened leadership for an evolving world.  Experience has shown us how coaching helps our clients identify new possibilities and practical steps to take towards the goals they set.  Our work is informed by a clear understanding of how to advance along the developmental path, whether for individuals, organizations or society.  Our measure of success is having clients who act with confidence and authenticity, contributing positively to the evolution of the world in which they live and work.

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