We have a mix of coaches, learning designers and trainers in Canada and Europe who work in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Ian Matheson

President, Executive Coach and Facilitator

Ian Matheson is a highly trained executive coach with an exceptionally diverse career experience, which he draws upon to support clients in finding both personal and organizational clarity, as a foundation for effective leadership development. 

Based in Ottawa and Paris. English and French.

Brigid Brady

Executive Coach

Brigid is an executive coach trained in integral coaching methodology. Prior to becoming a coach, she acquired extensive career experience in central banking and economic policy. Brigid guides clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors towards greater leadership capabilities.

Based in Toronto. English.

Valerie Clements

Executive Coach and Founder

The founder of ExCo2, Valerie is an executive coach with an impressive track-record. She has provided coaching and leadership development for hundreds of individuals and teams on a variety of management and leadership topics since 2002.

Based in Ottawa. English.

Judy Size-Cazabon

Executive Coach

For over 3 decades, Judy has supported the optimal operation of large public sector organizations, in the areas of education, healthcare, and government. She has led, managed, and coached individuals and teams across all levels. From the manager to the CEO, from the federal executive to the Cabinet Minister, Judy’s coaching has demonstrated an innate capacity to gain clients’  trust and confidence.

Based in Ottawa. English.

Alexandra Fix

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Systemic Change Consultant and Trainer

Alexandra has close to 10 years’ experience and expertise as a trainer, facilitator, systemic change consultant and coach. Supporting organizations through leadership and team development programs and comprehensive transformation processes, Alexandra integrates a range of effective methodologies, models and tools to help clients develop learning/leadership agility and high-performance behaviours to achieve sustainable results.

Based in Paris. French and English, conversational German and Italian.

Avrim Lazar

Strategic change leadership expert

Avrim is an experienced industry consultant with an outstanding track record. He has led industry transformation projects in the forest products industry, energy industry and in aquaculture, often with game changing results. His work has been primarily with clients in South America, Canada, and Europe. His focus has been rapid acceleration of progress to sustainability, step changes in social license and pre-competitive collaboration.

Adrian Pancucci

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Systemic Change Consultant and Trainer

Adrian brings over 20 years of experience and expertise in communications, adult learning, team and organizational development. Working with executives and companies across a wide range of sectors and industries, Adrian co-develops leadership, team and organizational development programmes that integrate coaching, facilitation and competency development processes.

Based in Paris. English.

Olga Romanillos

Executive Coach

“Living and leading with purpose” is the motto that inspires the way Olga approaches her coaching and training programs.  In so doing, she supports people who seek to move towards a new horizon, who feel called to have a real impact at work, on their lives and on the society in which they live. In short, she works with those who want to create a better world, especially with female leaders who want to grow in confidence and find their unique voice.

Based in Utrecht and Madrid. English and Spanish

Elizabeth Walker

Executive Coach

Elizabeth Walker is an executive coach and organization development consultant focused on leadership and culture, with a specialty in workplaces experiencing disruptive change. She helps aspiring leaders, executives and teams to expand their ideas of what is possible, and to extend their strengths to achieve their goals.

Based in Ottawa. English

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